Does It Snow In Rome

Rome , the capital city of Italy, is one of the most culturally rich cities in the world. It is often called the Eternal City of the World due to its old history.

It is interesting to know that Rome is the only capital city in the world associated with two countries – A Vatican City lies within the boundaries of Rome, an independent city considered a country.

The more I explore Rome, the more excited I feel to know about its climate, its culture, “does it snow in Rome” and its history, whether it snows, and its history. We have covered almost the whole world in our researchful series: when does it snow in Cyprus? 

Climate of the Rome: Does It Snow in Rome 

Yes, it does snow in Rome, but it is a rare occurrence there. As rare as I would prefer to say no, it doesn’t snow in Rome, but seldomly, yes. 

It doesn’t snow in Rome because the climate of Rome is Mediterranean, which is characterized by hot, dry, and mild summers with wet winters.

Climate in Rome Weathers in Rome 
June to August Summer: Summer in Rome is hot and dry, but the nights are cooler comparatively due to the cold breeze.
September to November Autumn: Autumn in Rome is mild and pleasant, with a significant fall in the temperature. 
December to FebruaryWinter: Compared to other countries, Rome experiences a generally mild winter; the temperature usually does not drop or meet the freezing point. Snow can be seen in winter, but it generally does not. 
March to MaySpring: Temperatures start rising in spring, but it is a popular time to visit Rome to see its beauty.  

When Does It Snow in Rome 

When does it snow in rome

As mentioned earlier, Rome’s temperature tends towards a tropical climate, so snow is a phenomenon that can be seen seldom. However, as we can not deny the existence of snow in Rome, let’s explore when it snows in Rome. If you are planning your holidays, do not forget to give it a read: When does it snow in Istanbul? 

Does it Snow in December?

If you plan to spend December in Rome to enjoy snow, it is not a sure thing to come. Although December is winter, the last snow in Rome was experienced in 2018. I am not saying it can never snow in December, as I am not a meteorologist;

I am just mentioning the history and facts. Snow was recorded in Rome in December 1981; Snowfall painted Rome white. Check out our researchful blog on Paris: when does it snow in Paris? 

Does it Snow in January?

January is the coldest month in Rome. Still, one can not say it is a snowy month as Rome hardly experiences Snowfall; the total Snowfall in Rome is about 7-8. 

Does it Snow in February?

February is a cold month, and it may snow in February, but it does not. The last snowfall occurrence events took place within this month. It does not mean visiting Rome in February can make you witness Snowfall in Rome. No, it depends upon nature and weather patterns instead. The last heavy Snowfall in 208 and 2012 was recorded in February. 

What to do in Rome 

What To Do In Rome

Rome is a rich cultural city with several places to visit and activities. The most iconic places to visit in Rome are 

Colosseum: The Colosseum is Rome’s iconic monument. It is popular due to its historical significance.

Vatican City: It is a blend of art and religious attractions for visitors. 

Roman Forum: If you are in Rome, never forget to visit the Roman Forum. There, you will meet the ancient face of Rome. 

Piazza Navona: It is famous for its lively environment and baroque architecture; you will be mesmerised to visit this place 

Spanish Steps: It is an iconic landmark of the city. It offers a beautiful panoramic view of the city. It is the favourite place for Locals in Rome. They come and enjoy the beautiful ambiance of Rome. 

Borghese Gallery: It should be a must-visit for you as it encompasses an impressive collection of art, including the masterpieces of Caravaggio, Bernini, and Raphael. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens that refresh the visitor’s mind and soul.

Skiing in Rome

When does it Snow in Cyprus

Rome does not experience enough snow to offer snowboarding, skiing, or snowy activities. However, people from Rome or visitors staying in Rome still enjoy the snow at the nearest skiing resort to Rome. Some of these are as follows.

Monte Livata is situated 1 hour and 10 minutes from Rome. It gives 1400 feet elevation. It is also the best place to visit to enjoy snow activities. The La Sgambeda competition occurred there on Monte Livata. 

Campo Felice: It is about 1 hour and 10 minutes from Rome. It is situated at 2064 feet elevation. It has plenty of lifts for visitors and offers scenic views to enjoy. 

Camporotondo – Cappadocia: It is 1 hour and 25 minutes from Rome. It is elevated at 1635 m. Camporotondo is situated in the middle of the Simbruini Mountains. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a possible past occurrence in Rome. There may be chances to snow at Christmas in Rome, but it is rare. Snowfall is a rare phenomenon in Rome. 

Yes, it is recorded. But compared to ancient Rome, modern Rome experiences more snowfall, which is also slim in amount and rare in occurrence. 

Rome experienced snow plenty of times. There was considerable snow healing in February 2012 and 2018. 

Rome experienced snow plenty of times. There was considerable snow healing in February 2012 and 2018. 

Yes, Rome, Georgia, experiences snowfall as it is situated east of the United States. Compared to Rome, Italy receives more frequent snowfall due to different climates and geographical locations.  

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