Does it Snow in Istanbul

One of my favorite cities worldwide, Istanbul has marvelous historical places and magnificent scenic views. I am presenting this research to ask, “Does it snow in Istanbul? “But before jumping to the topic, I must write about this cherished destination.

Fun fact: Istanbul is the only city in the world spanning two continents, Asia and Europe. Earlier, it was known as Byzantium and Constantinople.

Its vibrant culture, foods, picturesque places, colorful nights, and hospitable people make Istanbul an iconic city. Istanbul and Rome have a great historical connection; we have expanded our research to Rome: “Does it snow in Rome?”. 

Does it Snow in Istanbul? Istanbul Climate in a Glance  

Istanbul Climate in a Glance

Its unique geographical position has greatly influenced its culture, history, and atmosphere. Istanbul has a temperate Oceanic climate: hot, humid summer and wet cold. It experiences different climates throughout the year; here is a little breakdown of Istanbul’s climate :

June to August Summer 
September to November Autumn
December to FebruaryWinter
March to MaySpring

Yes, it snows in Istanbul. But it is not a regular occurrence every winter. Although snowfall in Istanbul is not uncommon, it is common but not consistent. Snow in Istanbul is less expected than in other regions of Turkey.

Maybe because Istanbul’s geographical position makes it distinct from other regions, snow in Istanbul may arrive two times a year. It is important to mention that it may fall some years without snow.

So, suppose you are travelling to Istanbul in winter to experience snowfall. In that case, there are chances you meet snow and chances to enjoy winters there without snow.

The average snowfall time recorded in Istanbul is 7 days. Istanbul faces a similar climate as Paris. We have covered Paris in this research series. Does it snow in Paris?

Snowy Months in IstanbulAverage Snowfall recorded in Istanbul
November Rare to no chance 
DecemberAverage snowfall 2.4 inches or 6 cm
JanuaryAverage snowfall 4.3 inches or 11 cm
February Average snowfall 4.1 inches or 10 cm
MarchAverage snowfall 1.8  inches or 4.5 cm

When Does It Snow In Istanbul 

When Does It Snow In Istanbul

Istanbul faces a temperate climate; snowfall can occur during the winters of Istanbul, and the winter lasts from November to March. March is characterized by the start of spring, but it snows in March, too. 

Snow MonthsClimate 
Snow in November While November is the start of winter, it snows in November but for very little time or maybe a day in a month. 
Snow in December Actual winters start in December; December brings snowfall, but there is less snowfall in December compared to January. But it does snow in December, too. A light snowfall may be experienced in December.
Snow in January January is probably the snowiest month in this city. Visitors often visit Istanbul in January expecting to see the iconic scene of snow falling. The average snowfall in January is about 4 days, and the highest snowfall in Istanbul was in January. 
Snow in February Although February is also a winter month, compared to January, Istanbul receives less snowfall in February. The average snow time is 2 days. 
Snow in March March is a spring city that receives a small amount of snowfall. Although it is not winter, Istanbul experiences pleasant temperatures this month. 

Where Does it Snow in Istanbul 

Istanbul city receives snowfall throughout, where it expands, but the receiving of snowfall is not uniform. Certain areas in the city receive more snowfall than the other regions due to the geographical features of it. Generally, areas receiving more snowfall include the northern areas of the city, higher elevated areas, and suburbs. Central city and coastal areas receive comparatively less snowfall. 

Skiing Resort in Istanbul: Snow Activities in Istanbul 

Skilling Resorts In Istanbul

Istanbul does not have a skiing resort, or maybe you will find some in the near future, but to enjoy snowy activities, you may visit the closest ski resort from Istanbul. There are plenty of skiing resorts, some of which are as follows: we have covered skiing resorts in Cyprus in our Does it Snow Cyprus blog.

Uludag Skiing Resort: Uludagh is situated in Bursa, and it is an enchanting, snowy place to enjoy snow. It has 5797 feet of elevation. It offers snowboarding and skiing activities. It has lifts for visitors to reach elevation.

Kartepe Skiing Resort:  Kartepe is famous for being the most-closest ski resort in Istanbul. Uludag is a better choice than a Kartepe skiing resort.

Erciyes Skiing Resort: It is situated in central Anatolia on the Mount of Erciyes Kayseri. It is situated on 10,826 feet. It offers snowy activities like snowboarding, skiing, and sledding. It also offers lifts for visitors.  

Elmadag Skiing Resort: It is situated in the Cankaya region and has slopes for skiing and snowboarding. It offers 2 lifts for visitors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it does snow in Istanbul in December, but Istanbul receives quite a little snowfall in December.

Yes, January is the snowiest city in Istanbul. People experience more snowfall in January than any month in Istanbul. Still, there is no guarantee of snowfall in January, either. 

Yes, Istanbul, Turkey, reviews snowfall throughout the winter, between November and February, and March can also be snowy.

Yes, February is winter or cold, so it also brings snowfall. 

Although November is not a cold month, there is a little snowfall in November, too. 

Yes it does snow in Istanbul in December but Istanbul receives quite a little of snowfall in December.

It depends upon climate and weather patterns. 

Yes, Istanbul experienced snowfall this year. 

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