Does It Snow In Cyprus 

Cyprus _ is the third largest and most populous island of the Mediterranean Sea. It is an island country located in the southeast of Europe and west of Asia. It is accompanied by the following countries: Turkey, Greece, Syria, Lebanon and Israel. Cyprus shares its border with the mentioned country.

Now that you know about the geographical location of Cyprus, we will explore “Does it Snow in Cyprus?”. Having the research topic, we will explore Cyprus Climate to get our answer. Yes, it does snow in Cyprus.

The climate of Cyprus is mild, with a mix of wet winter and hot summer. It faces a Mediterranean climate. We have also explored other countries to make you more informed. Does it snow in London?

Cyprus Temperature By MonthCyprus Weather Throughout the Year
Summer – June to AugustSummer in Cyprus is generally extremely hot, and the temperature exceeds the limit. Normally it experiences 30°C (86°F) and occasionally reaches above 40°C (104°F). Rainfall is minimal in summer, but the temperature in coastal areas is mild due to the sea breeze. It does not snow in the summer in Cyprus.
Autumn – September to NovemberDays get shorter in these months, characterised by the Autumn climate. Temperature severity gets lower, and Rainfall increases but is lower than in winter. Temperature becomes pleasant. But still, no snowfall occurs in this season.
Winter – December to FebruaryWinter is extremely wet in Cyprus. The temperature Cyprus faces in winter is 10-15°C (50-59°F). Rainfall is excessive in winter. Cyprus experiences snowfall in Winter, But snowfall in coastal areas is rare; it occurs in the Troodos mountains. Cyprus winter temperature never drops to below freezing points, except Troodos mountains.
Spring – March to MayTemperature again starts increasing and day hours get increased again. It receives mild to warm temperatures. Rare snowfall can be seen in different places.

When does it Snow in Cyprus ?

When does it Snow in Cyprus

Snow does occur in Cyprus but it is not a very common occurrence nor does it occur regularly. Because Cyprus experiences sunshine throughout the year. We have also explored other countries to make you more informed. Does it snow in Rome?

Snowfall in DecemberDecember is the onset of winter, but it is not common to receive snow in December. Due to its 1900 metre higher elevation and cooler temperature, Troodos mountain experiences little snowfall in winter, including December. The coastal and lowland areas are more likely to receive rainfall than snowfall.
Snowfall in January Again, January, the coldest month, only brings snow on the central part of the island, which is a mountain. – Troodos mountain. It experiences significant snowfall and offers winter sports, but lowland and coastal areas do not experience snow in January.
Snowfall in FebruaryFebruary is also the coldest month in Cyprus, but due to its Mediterranean temperature, other than Troodos mountain & Mount Olympus, it is rare to receive snowfall in February, too. Except for mountains, the temperature is mild in coastal and lowland areas. The mountain itself does not experience constant snowfall. Snowfall is an irregular occurrence even in February.
Snow in Spring (March)Todroos Mountain receives snowfall in March during spring. The temperature in spring started rising, but the mountain received cooler temperatures due to higher elevation.

Cyprus, a Mediterranean island with a Mediterranean climate, does not experience snowfall most commonly. But it does not mean Cyprus is the country which does not experience snowfall at all. It does, but most commonly on higher elevated areas like Mount Olympus in Troodos mountain.

Troodos Mountain receives snowfall from December to January, even in spring – March. Other lowlands and coastal areas rarely experience snowfall; instead, they experience heavy rainfall through the winter season. We have also explored other Regions to make you more informed. Does it snow in Istanbul?

Ski Resorts in Cyprus

Ski Resorts in Cyprus

Troodos Ski Resort:  Cyprus’s largest and most popular ski resort. It is located on Mount Olympus. The highest peak in the Troodos Mountains characterises it. The resort offers different skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports facilities. It features several ski runs catering to different skill levels, equipment rental and ski schools.

Cyprus Ski Club: Cyprus Ski Club is a very famous resort in Cyprus. It provides awesome skiing scenery and is served by four local ski resorts: Troodos Square, Platres, Pedoulas, and Kakopetria.

The Cyprus Ski Club is located in the Troodos Mountains and has four main slopes dedicated to different skiing difficulty levels. All four main slopes of the Cyprus Ski Club are named after Greek gods, and each slope has a skiing lift for its visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

In northern Cyprus, snowfall is rare, but it does in higher elevated regions. 

Nicosia rarely gets snowfall, but it might occur in winter.

Yes, Cyprus experiences rain in winter. But it does rain in Cyprus other than winters.

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