Does It Snow In Nigeria

Snowfall needs suitable weather and climatic conditions to occur anywhere in the world. Today we explore does it snow in Nigeria? Countries away from the Equator have favorable weather and climate conditions for having snow but countries which have proximity to the Equator are not suitable for snowfall.

Nigeria is one of those countries which have  proximity to the Equator. Its temperature and climate do not support snowfall. Check out our series of Does it snow: does it snow in Madagascar?

Nigeria is a country located in the west of Africa. It is a highly populated country, among others, in Africa. Nigeria’s climate is so diverse due to its large size and diverse geography. It experiences a different environment across the whole country. However, still, there is no chance of snow occurring throughout the country.

While climate diversity brings cooler temperatures in highly elevated places, it is still not possible to receive snow there because the temperatures are not cold enough for snowfall. Check out our series of Does it snow: does it snow in Kenya

Does It Snow In Nigeria : When & Where Does It Snow In Nigeria?

When & Where Does It Snow In Nigeria

Snowfall in Nigeria is extremely rare due to its tropical and arid climate, which is characterised by hot and warm weather. Nigeria’s temperature does not support snowfall. Higher locations like the Jos Plateau, one of the highest regions in central Nigeria, are known as the coolest locations in the country.

Jos Plateau is the region where snow or hail storms have been recorded in the past. Check out our series of Does it snow: does it snow in Morocco?

There is actually no winter season in Nigeria; instead, the climate is classified into dry and wet seasons. The dry season which corresponds to winter there. It lasts from December to February. It is also known as the Harmattan season.

Durbin Harmattan season, temperature drops significantly, especially in the northern part of the country. Check out our series of Does it snow: does it snow in Ghana?

Can You Ski In Nigeria ? What to Enjoy in Nigeria ?

Can You Ski In Nigeria

Skiing in Nigeria is not possible due to its climate, which does not have the temperature range necessary for snowfall. However, there are many other activities visitors can enjoy. You can visit the National Museum Lagos, explore the Slave History Museum in Calabar, Tour the Ogbunike Caves, Visit the Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove, Attend cultural festivals, etc.

If you love nature and wildlife, you can Explore Yankari National Park, Visit Gashaka-Gumti National Park, Hike in the Mambilla Plateau, Relax at Lekki Conservation Centre, and Relax at Tarkwa Bay Beach.  Check out our series of Does it snow: does it snow in Ethiopia?

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Unfortunately, it does not snow in Lagos, Nigeria. It is most likely due to its proximity to the equator and the tropical & arid climate.

Snow in Nigeria is extremely rare. There are no records of snowfall in the past. Any reports of snow were likely light hailstorms mistaken for snowfall. So it is difficult to predict snow in Nigeria in the future. However it depends on the climate and the significant climate change.

There is no snow in Nigeria due to its location on the equator. It is close to the equator, where it is almost directly intact with sun rays, which brings more heat and hot temperatures throughout the country.

No, Snow is rare in the whole country. Albeit it receives a significant temperature drop during Harmattan season. 

There is no snowfall recorded in Nigeria. However, Jos Plateau has received a light dust hail storm.

No, it doesn’t snow in Obudu Cattle Ranch.

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