Does It Snow In Guatemala

Guatemala is located in Central America. It is a popular tourist attraction offering cultural sightseeing; it is home to some UNESCO world heritage sites and volcanoes. Guatemala is located in the Northern hemisphere.

It experiences a wide variety of climates due to its diverse topography. Guatemala encompasses volcanoes, Mountains, highlands, rainforests and coastal plains. The occurrence of snow is also location and climate-dependent. Here we explore Does it snow in Guatemala?

Due to its climatic and geographic variation, one can not say no while answering the question, “Does it snow in Guatemala?”

Snow in Guatemala is rare, not even in higher elevations. If there is snowfall, it remains light enough, like a light dust of snow. One cannot make snowballs or do other enjoyable activities in that snow.

In highland regions snow is possible on highest elevations where the temperature is near to freezing. The highland regions receive temperate climate. To understand when and where it snows in the country, let’s explore the climate of Guatemala in minor depth.

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Break Down of Guatemala Climate to Know Where Does It Snow in The Country

break Down of Guatemala Climate

Guatemala is located in the northern hemisphere between the line of the equator and the tropic of Cancer. It also encompasses a wide variety of topography, so all these factors affect the occurrence of snowfall in the country. Following are climates Guatemala experiences throughout the country :

Highlands: In highlands regions like Guatemala City, the climate is temperate. The temperate climate is characterised by mild weather. But colder in the elevation. The higher we go, the more frigid the temperature we may experience. However, this temperature never drops below freezing. Sporadic snow can be seen at the top of the elevation. 

Pacific Coast: On the Pacific Coast, Guatemala experiences a tropical climate characterised by warm temperatures throughout the year. Snow can not be seen in this region because temperatures never reach cold enough to cause snow. You may expand your reading to know where else it snows in Central America: checkout “Does it snow in EL Salvador?

Lowlands: The lowlands on the northern side of the country receive a rainforest climate, which brings humidity and abundant rainfall. Snowfall is not common in this region. Lowlands in Guatemala encompass rainforests, savannahs, and rivers. These are often attributed to the Lowland Maya” or the “Petén region”.

When Does It Snow in Guatemala ?

When Does It Snow in Guatemala

It is known that Guatemala’s diverse topography causes a varied climate in different regions. We will explore the country’s winter time to find out, “when does it snow in this country ?” You may expand your reading to find out where else it snows in Central America: check out “Does it snow in Colombia?

Pacific coast
Low Lands
The Highlands receive wet seasons from May to October. Snow can be seen this month.
The wet season extends from May to October, and heavy rainfall is expected; snowfall is impossible.
The wet season with significant rainfall occurs from May to October, and no snowfall can be seen in this region.
The dry season, attributed to summer, lasts from November to April. No snow occurs during these months.
The dry season runs from November to April.
The dry season in the lowlands falls from November to April.

Frequently Asked Questions

Guatemala City is situated in the highlands but is not on the highest peaks, so it is rare to receive snowfall in Guatemala City.

Snow in Guatemala is not very common or frequent. It occurs only sporadically in the highland areas where temperatures are near freezing. Due to its location in the northern hemisphere, other highlands areas receive a temperate climate.

Yes, it can snow in Guatemala.

Snow is scarce in Guatemala. It can be light dust for a few days a year.

Yes, snow instances are recorded in Guatemala, especially in the highlands.

The last significant occurrence of snow in Guatemala was in 2017 near Quetzaltenango and Huehuetenango.

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