Does it Snow in Saudi Arabia

In the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is situated on the peninsula – a land covered by water from 3 sides. It is bordered by countries like Iran , Iraq, UAE, Yemen, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait. I am going to explore Saudi Arabia to answer the widely asked question, “Does it snow in Saudi Arabia?” in this blog.

Saudi Arabia is the land of desert. It is the second-largest Arab country in the world. It has the largest Sand desert, which continues to Oman, UAE and Yemen. This desert is known as Rub AL Khali’ and the Empty Quarter.

Saudi Arabia has the largest oil reservoirs. Its economy depends upon these natural reservoirs. Saudi Arabia is the land of Many holistic and sacred places of Islam mainly they are Makkah and Madina.

Millions of Muslim visit Saudi Arabia due to these sacred monarchs of the country. Due to the desert climate, Saudi Arabia does not have snow very often. It is minimal.

How Often Does It Snow In Saudi Arabia

It will be surprising to know that Saudi Arabia’s inhabitants celebrate and enjoy the little chilli wave of light snowfall if it occurs in the rare parts of the country. Imagine the dunes, which face scorching sun throughout the year, painted white in winter for a limited time.

Snowfall in Saudi Arabia is not a common occurrence, but it does. In late November 2016, Saudi Arabia experienced a snowfall flood, and there was heavy snowfall at the time. Saudi Arabia’s snow is a news of excitement for the people living there as they come out for different outdoor activities.

Climate of Saudi Arabia

Climate In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has a vast desert, a higher percentage of the country is surrounded by desert, which makes the climate of the country extremely hot and dry in summers and cool to warm in winters.

Days get scorching heat, while nights tend to be cooler. Saudi Arabia exists in Asia, and we have covered other Asian countries. People often ask does it snow in China ? Or does it snow in Seoul? Let’s break down Saudi Arabia’s climatic conditions to know if it snows in Saudi Arabia.

Winter Weather in Saudi Arabia

The winter in Saudi Arabia starts in late October and lasts till February. Winters are generally cold throughout the country. The Average temperatures recorded for the coolest months in Saudi Arabia, December through February, are 74 °F (23 °C) at Jeddah, 58 °F (14 °C) at Riyadh, and 63 °F (17 °C) at Al-Dammām. Winters are cold, but the temperature never drops to freezing point.

Summer Weather in Saudi Arabia

Summers are quite hot in this country. Due to the desert biome, Saudi Arabia experiences a Dry and hot climate, which often crosses the temperature above 40 degrees Celsius.

Days are extremely hot, and nights are cooler there in Summer. Due to having a peninsula location, the heat rises from the water. In addition, the deserts get heated up when the sun rises,  this makes the summers more unbearable there. Deserts offer a scenic mirage when the sun rises above them.

Rainfall in Saudi Arabia

Rainfall in Saudi Arabia

There is little to no Rainfall in Saudi Arabia. Rain is generally scarce, but lately, the trend is changing. Saudi Arabia is facing rain more frequently now. The distribution of rain is not uniform throughout the country.

Some of its regions experience more precipitation than others. In the Asir province, the city named Abha experiences more rainfall than other cities. It has a higher elevation. Red Sea, Jeddah and Yanbu experience occasional rainfall.

Some Mountain areas, including Hijjaz mountain, also experience more rainfall than other regions of the country. The sand desert receives 0 to no rain or very minimal rain. Even in years, it receives no rain sometimes.

Ski Resorts in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, due to its landscape and arid climate situation, is not considered to have plenty of ski resorts but it does have some ski resorts to enjoy the skiing. The highest skiing resort in Saudi Arabia is at 710 m elevation. Following are ski resorts found in Saudi Arabia

  • Snow City – Riyad
  • Mall of Saudi 
  • Ski Saudi Arabia

Frequently Asked Questions

Snowfall in Riyadh is extremely rare due to its arid climate. Snow normally occurs in the northern side of the country.

No, snowfall in Jeddah is exceptionally uncommon. Because this city is located on the Red Sea coast, it has a hot desert climate.

Snow is more likely in Saudi Arabia’s mountainous regions, like Asir Province, during winter, but it remains infrequent.

Rainfall in Saudi Arabia is generally scarce because of the arid and desert climate, but it does occasionally rain and snow in Saudi Arabia.

Yes, Taif, located in the mountains, may experience occasional snowfall during the winter months.

Yes, Abha, situated in the mountainous Asir Province, may experience snowfall, especially during winter due to its higher elevation.

No, not every region in the country experiences snowfall. Snow is more likely in the mountainous regions, such as Asir Province.

Yes, but it is not a very common instance to count.

Yes, Saudi Arabia experiences a winter season, but temperatures can still be relatively milder than in colder climates.

No, snowfall is not an annual occurrence in most parts of Saudi Arabia. It depends on the weather and climate conditions of the region.

Yes, it does, but snowfall is rare and generally confined to certain elevations.

Yes, historical records tell us that there are certain snowfall experiences Saudi Arabians have faced.

Yes, historical records tell us that there are certain snowfall experiences Saudi Arabians have faced.

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