Does it Snow in China

China is a populated and diverse country among the world. It has diverse landforms around the country. The subject matter is does it snow in china ? Yes it does but to know the details let us explore China a little.

China is a large country having rich landforms like mountains , rivers, plateaus , Desert and plains. It is a surprising fact, China does not have a uniform climate throughout the country as its one side is having huge distance from the opposite one.

For Instance China’s north most side has a large enough distance from the south most side than the distance between India and Russia. So China’s cities face different climates at the same time. If there is winter on one side and it might happen the other side of the country is facing warmer temperatures.

 With such diverse climatic situations, there are expectations to see snow around the country in different months. It is common to see snow even in summer across different regions in the country.

Climatic Condition in the China

Climate Condition In China
Regions Climate 
NorthernThe Northern side of China experiences more snowfall and severe winters than other parts of the country .The northernmost regions of China, such as Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces, experience long and harsh winters with cold temperatures and heavy snowfall.winters go below freezing there. 
SoutheastThe southern side of China also experiences a cold winter but it does not drop below freezing. The southeastern part of China, including regions like Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Nanjing, generally experiences a humid subtropical climate.It is rare to have snowfall there. The coastal region here faces little to no snow. 
SouthwestSouthwest China has a diverse climate. Some provinces in the southwest experience harsh winters , some experience scorching heat and some experience moderate temperature. The mountainous regions experience snow here. 
WesternThe western part of China has diverse landscapes like plateaus, deserts and mountains. It experiences a diverse climate but overall winters are cold here.Tibetan Plateau – a high altitude area  – faces severe cold with temperature dropping below freezing. Snowfall is common here. It can be extensive in top of mountains Himalayan Region here also faces severe cold and below freezing temperatures in winters. A significant Snowfall can be seen here.Xinjiang can be characterised by diverse landscapes like deserts and mountains. Winters in Xinjiang can be harsh, with cold temperatures and occasional snowfall. Gobi Desert – situated in western region in China – faces harsh winters and experiences snowfall occasionally. 

Where Does it Snow in China

Where Does It Snow In China
CityAverage Yearly Snowfall (inches)
Huangshan City1.9
TianjinMinimal snowfall
GuangzhouRare snowfall

Harbin: Harbin is Located in the northeast,it experiences cold winters with heavy snowfall, which makes it a fascinating place to visit. 

Urumqi: Urumqi is Situated in Xinjiang in the northwest, it sees cold winters with snowfall.It is surrounded by mountainous regions. 

Lhasa: The capital of Tibet, during the winter months Lhasa experiences occasional snowfall. 

Beijing: Beijing mostly has cold winters. But heavy snowfall is not common. However, light snow can occur occasionally. 

Xi’an: Xi’an in central China experiences cold winters with occasional snowfall. 

Huangshan City: Huangshan City is known for the iconic Yellow Mountains. It is Located in Anhui Province. Snowfall can be seen here. It creates a beautiful and scenic landscape while having Snowfall.  

Qingdao: Qingdao is Situated on the coast. Qingdao has a milder winter compared to inland cities. Winter experiences occasional snowfall which makes winter more beautiful for visitors. 

Shanghai: Snowfall in Shanghai is rare due to its coastal location and mild winter climate, but occasional flurries may dust the city during colder periods.

Chengdu: Chengdu in Sichuan Province rarely experiences snowfall. as the city has a humid and hot summer climate with cold to mild winters and moderate temperatures.

Tianjin: Tianjin is located near Beijing. It has cold winters. But snow is not frequent. occasional light snowfall can occur during the winter months.

When Does it Snow in China

Does it snow in China

China has a diverse landscape and as a result it has a diverse climate. It is common to have snowfall in China across some regions because winter in China is extremely harsh somewhere. Surprisingly snowfall can be seen in the summer season in China. Winter normally starts in October and it passes to february. 

October : In China winter usually starts in October and is the same as the snowfall. Snowfall is not much heavy in October but on the northeast side , on the mountain snowfall starts. 

November : In November , winter gets extreme in some regions , even temperature drops below freezing and snowfall happens. But the amount of snowfall remains the same as of october. 

December : In December many cities experience regular snowfall. In northern areas and mountains the temperature drops significantly in December rather than november. In mountainous regions there is significant snowfall. 

January : January in China is extremely cold. The most freezing temperature recorded in January is -20 degrees. Snowfall occurs consistently in many parts of the country throughout the month. 

February : Although in February, the temperature in China begins to rise. February is not very cold there. But still it happens to see snowfall even in February. Cities like Beijing faces snow throughout the month a little in amount. 

Does it Snow in Beijing China

Does It Snow In Beijing China

Yes it does snow in Beijing , Let’s explore it a little more. Beijing is the capital of China and a highly populated city. Its climate is extremely hot in summers and extremely cold in winters. It has continental climatic conditions.

But surprisingly Beijing is one of those cities in china, experiences snowfall in any season. It is common to have snowfall round the year in Beijing.

Snow storms have also been seen in Beijing in some years when it was difficult to distinguish if it is summer or winter due to heavy snowfall. Also explore does it snow in Saudi Arabia?

When Does it Snow in Beijing 

In Beijing it is not surprising to see snowfall can be seen throughout the year even in the summer. But winter in Beijing falls between November through December. Throughout these months heavy rainfall can be expected. January is the most chilled month and July is the hottest in Beijing.

Where Does it Snow in Beijing

  • Snowfall in Great wall of china
  • Snow in Taoyuan Xiangu
  • Snow in Longqing Gorge
  • Snow in The Forbidden City

Frequently Asked Questions

No, heavy snowfall is not common in Beijing. While the city experiences cold winters, significant snowfall is infrequent.

Snowfall in Beijing typically occurs during the winter months, with the possibility of light snow in December, January, and February.

Snowfall in Beijing is not a frequent occurrence. The city may experience occasional snowfall during the winter, but heavy snow events are rare.

The amount of snowfall in Beijing can vary, but it is generally light to moderate. The city does not receive large accumulations of snow on a regular basis.

I don’t have real-time data. Please check the current weather source for the latest conditions in Beijing.

Yes, Beijing does experience snowfall during the winter, but it is usually not heavy.

Snowfall in Shanghai is rare due to its coastal location and milder winter climate. It may occasionally experience little snow, but it is not very common.

Yes, December is one of the winter months when Beijing may experience snowfall. However, heavy snow events are uncommon.

Yes, January is another winter month when Beijing may see light snowfall, contributing to the city’s winter climate.

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