Does It Snow in Argentina

The Argentine Republic is located in the southern part of South America. It is the 8th largest country in the world by the area it covers. “Does it Snow in Argentina?” is going to be the linchpin of this researchful articulate.

The Argentine Republic also known as Argentina, receives snowfall but not as likely as Canada. Due to possessing a large land coverage, Argentina has a wide variety of weather. You will not observe the snow in the whole country or the same climate in the whole country at a time.

It experiences a wide variety of climates. Argentina’s snow-prone cities can be categorized by the climate they face. Let’s break down the climate of Argentina to know “Where and When does it snow in Argentina?”

The Climate of Argentina

Climate Of Argentina

Argentina receives a varied climate due to the varied topography and the vast land size. It receives different climates throughout the country at the same time. Generally, the climate of the country can be classified as cold, warm, arid, and moderate. 

Northern Part of Argentina

  • It includes provinces like Jujuy, Salta, and Tucumán.
  • Summers are hot and humid, while winters are mild and drier.
  • There is no snow on this side of Argentina.

Southern Part of Argentina

  • It includes Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego.
  • Summers are cool, and winters are cold with temperatures often dropping below freezing.
  • Snowfall can be seen on this side of Argentina.

Central Part of Argentina

  • It includes Buenos Aires.
  • Summers are warm to hot and humid, while winters are mild.
  • Snow is extremely rare here.

Where Does it Snow in Argentina

Where Does it Snow in Argentina

Although it has been mentioned earlier that not the whole country receives snowfall, here are some regions that are known for snow falling.

Southern Part of Argentina: The Southern Part of Argentina receives snowfall throughout the winter which is during June to August. It encompasses the regions like Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego.

The climate here is not subpolar, which is cold but warm winters and mild but short summers. The number of snow days varies here. The more we will reach to higher elevation, the more there will be chances to see snow falling. As you know Argentina is an South America country. So I have also provided you the answer of Does it snow in South America? in separate blog.

The Andes Mountains: The tip of the Andes Mountains is always covered with white snow flurries throughout the year. This is due to the higher altitude. Andes Mountain spans around the western side of Argentina and provides it with a border with Chile. (Checkout: Does it snow in Chile? ). Visitors often go there to enjoy the plenty of snow activities and for a lot of other fun. 

Buenos Aires: This is the Capital of Argentina. The city receives a temperate climate which tends to warm. The snowfall is extremely rare here due to its temperate climate. However, it does not mean that snow is non-existent. Snow can be seen. 

Tierra del Fuego- Including the Ushuaia: Tierra del Fuego receives snowfall as well. It experiences cold temperate weather, which brings cold winters and cool summers. Snowfall is common during winter, which is from June to August, particularly in Ushuaia. 

Mendoza Province: Mendoza Province receives hot weather. It experiences a desert climate with hot and dry summers but cool winters. Winters in Mendoza are not very cold. Snow in Mendoza Province is very rare. Rather, it is only surrounding the Andes Mountains, where there is the high altitude of Mendoza. 

Aconcagua Mountain: Aconcagua is the highest peak in the Andes Mountains. It does receive snowfall throughout the year. 

Bariloche: Bariloche is a popular destination for winter lovers. Snow in Bariloche is common. It has a cold temperate climate. 

When Does It Snow in Argentina

It is necessary to know the climate of Argentina, which we have discussed already. Argentina has four main climates. Due to varied latitude, altitude, and topography, It experiences Cold somewhere and an arid climate on the other side. Somewhere, it is moderate and warm on the other side.

The Snow phenomenon is associated with cold climates. The regions that experience cold receive snowfall, and at the same time, the regions that do not experience that level of Cold do not receive snowfall. It is all due to latitude, altitude, and land feature differences.

Generally, June to August is the month known for snow falling in Argentina in the Southern Part of the country. The other parts experience either moderate or warm climates at this time. In South American countries you also need to explore Does it snow in Bolivia?

Frequently Asked Questions

The Argentine Republic, known as Argentina, does receive snowfall mostly in the Southern part of the country.

Yes, July is the month of winter. It snows in July at higher elevated regions.

Yes, Buenos Aires receives snowfall, but that is too rare. It is because the city experiences a temperate climate, which brings a relatively warm climate.

No, it does not snow in Argentina in December. It is because, In December, the climate of Argentina is not cold. Instead, it is summertime in Argentina.

Yes, snowfalling is common in Argentina in the southern part of the country.

Snow in Argentina can be seen from July to August. Other than these months, the climate is unsuitable for snow falling in the country.

Mendoza province experiences a desert climate but it may receive rare snowfall.

No, but the higher elevated regions like Andes Mountain receive snow flurries throughout the year.

July to August are the months when snow can be seen in Buenos Aires. But it all depends upon the climate and the other factors. It is not guaranteed, one can see snow in these said months.

The number of days for snow in Buenos Aires is not specific. It varied from year to year.

Yes, Argentina gets snow.

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